We are a training practice


The Clover Group believes that involvement in the education and training of future GPs will be beneficial for the Practice as a whole. Their presence will enhance and improve the service we can offer to our patients. This Practice has been accredited to train doctors intending to become General Practitioners.

A GP Registrar is a registered medical practitioner who is specialising in general practice before they become an independent general practitioner

The Registrars, as part of their training will be making video recordings of some of their consultations, this is a very useful teaching tool. You may be asked for your permission to video your consultation with one of the doctors. You, of course, have the right to decline and any refusal will have no implications on the way you are treated or which doctor you see. If you do agree to take part in this valuable teaching aid, then you will be given written information explaining the process and you will be asked to give written consent. Your permission will always be requested beforehand.

As part of the process of becoming a training practice the Clover Group will be regularly inspected to ensure that it reaches all the required standards for this level of teaching. The inspection process involves an audit of data entry into medical records and this is conducted by an inspection team. Only doctors approved for this purpose will carry out the assessments.

All information contained in medical records is confidential and the inspection procedure is to look at the accuracy and consistency of this data entry only. Patients whose notes are selected for this audit will be informed of the intention to audit and will be given the right to decline.

The Registrars will be holding their own clinics and will be supervised at all times by the other GPs in the Practice.